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Pool ID:
Blocks minted: 0
Current Epoch: Current Epoch 273
ADA price: ADA $1.24
Live Stake: ₳ 287.00
Active Saturation Level 0%

What is your mission statement?

The "Cardano Stake Pool" aims to secure the Cardano network by running a competitive 24/7 pool on decentralized infrastructure maintained by IT professionals. The low fees ensure longevity and sustainability of the pool

. This pool intention is to provide reliable Cardano infrastructure / protocol service with high desirability for you as a delegator.

Our pool highly appreciates anyone already delegating to us or planning to do so. We will do our best to get you the rewards you deserve for being an early adopter of Cardano! It is risk free to delegate your stake.

What is the setup of your pool?

The pool is run off three reliable, redundant virtual private servers, one block producer and two relays distributed across different data centers in the UK. All data centers are green and use renewable energy sources. With this redundant setup.

All nodes run on a modern secure Server OS with ample hardware resources and strong peering with easy scaling options to meet rising demands.