The all in one platform where you can mine, stake and keep track of your investments.




Contribute to
the network.


Receive rewards
on your stake.

What's in
it for me?

You can earn rewards just for holding your favourite crypto with Stake-Pool. Earn large rewards for contributing to the blockchain through masternode and validator services managed for you by Stake-Pool

Check out our
DCA calculator.

If you know crypto, you know one of the most successful strategies is Dollar Cost Average (DCA)

Use our simple calculator to help project returns and track your crypto investments

How do I Stake

Staking with Stake-Pool is easy. Simply create an account and you will be given your own personal wallet

Transfer your collateral to your personal address and choose which Tier you want to stake it

Sit back and enjoy your passive income. Rewards will be sent to you weekly and you can then transfer our or re-invest

How we contribute
to the network.

Masternodes and Validators help in running the blockchain by processing transactions and confirming back to the chain.

For this, rewards are given to the nodes that validate the blocks on the chain. 

So Stake-Pool is helping the Blockchain by running various Validation services across multiple different chains and rewarding the Stake-Pool users